Colour Segments and Monochrome LCD Displays

For reasonable tooling costs, we can combine different technologies in order to obtain a very customized solution.

Our mixed solutions make it possible to associate multi-color segments (2) with ambient light or a backlight or a mixture of both depending on day or night use. The coverglass can be fully customized with the desired shape, one or more silk printing (1), different chamfers (4), and so one.

Possibilities range

Product types


  • Twisted Nematic: TN
  • Super Twist Nematic: STN, STNs Gray Mode, FSTN, ASTN
  • Vertical Alignment: VA
  • Field Sequential: FS (8 colors segments displays)

Displays Modes

  • Positive reflective transmissive
  • Transflective
  • Negative transmissive


  • Several colors options (White, Red, Blue, Yellow-green…),
  • High luminous intensity,
  • Pins or FPC connection.

Assembly Type

  • COG (Chip On Glass),
  • COB (Chip On Board).


  • FPC,
  • Board to Board connectors,
  • Zebras.


  • Capacitive Touch
  • Touch In Cell
  • Colored Ink Serigraphy