We are specialized in manufacturing custom displays solutions, even for modest size series.
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Please take a look at the different elements that we can customize.


Customized Cover Lens (see point 1)

We can customize your cover lens to have it in any dimension, bigger or not than the display itself, with coloured resigraphy, logo, holes, chamfers, ...

  • Material :
    • PMMA;
    • Glass.
  • Surface coating :
    • AR : Anti Reflection;
    • AG : Anti Glare;
    • AF : Anti Fingerprint;
    • AB : Anti Bacterial.
  • Glass type :
    • Chemically Strengthen;
    • Thermally tempered;
    • Gorilla Glass.

Touch panel (see point 2)

We can add a touchpad allowing the development of a human machine interface.

  • RTP (resistive) :
    • Glass – Film;
    • Glass - Glass.
  • PCAP (capacitive) :
    • With gloves;
    • Water Projection Resistance;
    • 0.7 to 10 mm thickness;
    • Additional Capacitive Touch Key.

Display (see point 3)

We adjust the display to your needs

  • Various size;
  • Various shapes (rectangles, stretched, round);
  • Various brightness;
  • Wide or narrow viewing angle.

Readability Enhancement (see point 4)

Depending on the use of your product and its environment, we optimize readability.

  • High Brightness;
  • Optical bonding (OB);
  • Polarizer system linear - circular.

Custom FPC or PCB (see point 5)

We customize the connection where and how you want it out.

  • Custom Pin Out;
  • SOM.